5 Mental Benefits of Losing Weight

Shedding off your extra pounds definitely boosts your physical health. But have you ever thought about how maintaining a healthy weight affects your mind? We’re going to give you a round up of 5 to give you the motivation you need to to carry on with your weight loss journey.

5. Self-Esteem

Now, when people lose extra weight, they start feeling better about themselves. And surprisingly, this isn’t only because of the way you look. Feeling better in your appearance triggers tons of other confidence boosts, making you more likely to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. When you lose weight and start maintaining the loss, your sense of mental well being is increased, motivating you to take on the world.

4. Reducing Social Anxiety

You might not notice this, but your body image has a lot to do with the way you behave in social situations. People who are overweight are mostly unhappy with their bodies. Which automatically means that they want to limit their social activities to a minimum at the risk of people judging them. Simple situations such as going to a party, dining out or shopping at the mall might seem intimidating if you’re not happy with your weight. But, when you reach your weight goal, a huge burden is lifted off of your shoulders and you start feeling less anxious all on your own.

3. Sense of Achievement

When you lose weight, your brain gets a huge boost of serotonin because it knows that you have achieved a target. This sense of achievement is all you need to keep the momentum going and lose more weight. When you feel like whatever you’re doing is working, you’ll want to keep doing it until you’ve reached your final goal.

2. Better Sleep

Here’s a fun fact: you actually sleep better when you lose weight. This is because people who are overweight often struggle with their sleep cycles and even develop conditions such as sleep apnoea where you struggle to breathe during your sleep. And by losing just 5 pounds, you can get rid of this condition that is usually caused by excess weight around the neck. And once you start sleeping better, you’re more energized throughout the day – mentally and physically.

1. Battling Depression

Losing weight gives your mind the sense of accomplishment and confidence that it needs to get out of depressive episodes, especially if your depression stems from your body image issues. Actively taking action to lose weight can actually boost optimism and help you feel better about yourself which in turn might help reduce symptoms of depression.

The key to your mental health is staying focus and take baby steps in the process. Never give up on yourself.

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